Rodeo Drive


Rodeo Drive Boutique,  interior design is inspired by French and LA influences. It's Art Deco and eclectic feel is softly infused to give it the indulgent and sensual feel that all brides inspire to experience not only in the gown they wear but in the backdrop of their settings, its all in the complete experience. 

Light warm wall colours were chosen for the French panelled walls which were uniquely crafted to inhabit the modern French feel along side the chic ambiance of Rodeo Drive quarters in LA California.

  • 3d illustrations / concept design
  • Art direction
  • Complete council / architectural plan package
  • Decorating
  • Estimating
  • Image and photo sourcing
  • Inspirational Layout
  • Project management
  • Research and development (business vision, competitors etc)
  • Scope / schedule of works
  • Supplier network
  • Updates of works every 3 working days
  • Weekly onsite visits through out the progress of project