About us

At AL & CO, we are passionate about design and people.  We bring together all different aspects of design to create a space that represents you and where you’re headed. Our custom approach to every individual project is innovative and has an edge that's unique and sure to inspire. We work tireless in carefully crafting together the inspiring design space from lighting, materials, space, sustainability and impact of environment to forge a whole element of artistic and productive design.   

We are not limited to Interior architecture, but our creative talents extend from web design, logos, print media to social media design. With our combined skills and our driven passion, we fuse every facet of design in creating a seamless and flawless completion.


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Allan Patrick Dias

Creative Director

Allan’s passion and vision is evident in his creative transformation from ordinary to extra ordinary. His passion not only lies in the surface of the works, but also behind the scene in every small detail that in-composes the space.  His love for design has expanded from his passion for structural, aero nautical and automotive design. 

His earlier dabble in architecture only expanded and elevated his love for interior design. The mixture of freedom and flexibility in collaborating with his clients, to piece together a fusion of creativity is what drives him. His design integrity of the space is evident in each of his projects wether small or large.

He brings a distinctive style and approach that is not only appealing but functional.  His always striving for creative contemporary styles that are matched (if not exceeding) any international design and styles globally.

Rhonda Gabrael

Project manager / Interior decorator

In working closely with Allan Patrick Dias, Rhonda is instrumental in the early design and inception of the interior design layout. Her passion for fashion and creative design in furniture and art is evident in the art direction of the project.  

She helps unravel the clients taste making sure they are represented in the finished space, along side carefully created and custom made furnishings that speak for its self. From hand made sculptures to hand painted artwork and custom furniture, each piece is uniquely created and crafted to stand out from amongst its co parts and give the space its uniquely distinctive feel.  

Along side the decorative of the interior, her talent also extends in project management. No rock is unturned and no detailed left out, as she facilities all the components in creatively coordinating the space. Weaving the project together along side valuable quality control, to construct the master design of the proposed project.