Ausfit Projects - Branding


Gary from Ausfit Projects reached a roadblock in his company, and needed to up his image to be more competitive. His website and branding were very weak and out of touch. More current projects needed to be seen and in a different light.

New fresh branding and website was created to elevate Ausfit to a higher tier. Light tones and positive colours were used, with splashes of mint and blue colours in the logo and website. It bought a more modern twist on the Construction company image and was easier to identify with. 

  • Art direction
  • Branding / logo design
  • Company uniform design
  • Custom designed and made signage
  • Image and photo sourcing
  • Inspirational layout
  • Marketing strategy
  • Research and development (business vision, competitors etc)
  • Updates of works every 3 working days
  • Website setup and design