Astec Paints Sydney - Branding


Astec Paints Sydney requested a complete client package.
The package had to best represent the original informative documentation (from Astec Paints main parent company) while articulating the new venture in Sydney. We packaged the extensive information, and created a minimalist package that was straight to the point with out missing keys details. The execution was best viewed alongside the website and the three assorted brochure packages. We added some “spark to it” with new hue’s of colour, font, and layout. It was able to represent where Astec was and where it was going, from external to internal, from commercial to residential.

  • Art direction
  • Custom designed and made signage
  • Graphic design
  • Inspirational layout
  • Product packaging
  • Print design (brochure, business cards etc)
  • Re-branding / logo design
  • Research and development (business vision, competitors etc)
  • Updates of works every 3 working days
  • Website setup and design