Our Process - Interior

Face to Face / Collective Collaboration

We are passionate about you and what you envision and desire. We are happy to meet you at the location and discuss your ideas. We will hear your thoughts and aspiration and begin the journey of bringing your dreams to life. We believe that the consultation phase, collective collaboration with our client will enable us to deliver the highest inventive and unique design, from the creation phase through to the conclusion of the project. 

  • Meet and Introduce

  • Brief of proposal

  • Establish goal

  • Establish a summary of works

  • Set budgets

  • Determine collaborators

  • Create fee proposal

Concept Impression

Here is where our creative space starts to really come to life. Along with your ideas and vision we collaborate them with what we see, along with our extensive research. We then bridge them together and give you a visual concept of impressions for you to view.

  • Site visit

  • Site walk through to determine space

  • Determine layout priorities

  • Idea exploration

  • Concept idea proposal

  • Determine finishes

Planning & Production

This is where the concept really starts to take shape. The ground work begins. We will research competitors, look at processes, plan and organise ideas to get the greatest output. We bring all the information together and allow the concept to form. This is where the plan meets the runways and it starts to take off, and the concept starts to take shape and go in the direction it is destined for.

  • Design development

  • 3d perspectives

  • Elevations

  • General arrangements

  • Finishes & fixtures

  • Tender package

Onsite (fit-out company)

This is where we tender out the project, meet and select best suited 3rd party fitout establishment that will bring your project and space to life. We believe that the cohesive consultation, project management along with the allocated contractors is fundamental to the project’s success and accomplishment.

  • Meet contractor on sight to go through brief

  • Supply an estimate budget based on architectural’s supplied by AL & Co

  • Contract drawn up

  • Construction documents

  • Lodgement for approval for building permits if needed and / or private certifier involvement

  • Materials ordered, book in trades, Construction site visits

  • Job completion, client walks through for any defects, and any rectifications that need to be completed

  • Occupation certificate provided


All the hard work has paid off and we have bought your concepts along with ours to fruition. Your innovate design has come to life and will be met by impressive feedback. This is the big REVEAL. It’s time to plan the grand opening celebrations.  Congratulations.

  • Defects completed

  • Project ready for FF&E (Furniture, fixtures and equipment)

  • Styling & placement

  • Photography

  • Celebratory bubbles

Key design advantages for your business


Ambience and atmosphere is one of the most vital elements of a business, it’s a great deciding factor of a customer’s awareness when they want to visit the business, or if they will return. Presentation could be the first choice on why a client attends the business to start with. Interior design and decor sets the atmosphere, the ambience, the feel, and the vibe of a business. Once they feel good, then they will be excited and more eager to see what else you have to offer, be it food, fashion, grooming, services etc. You have to set the tone right from the first encounter, paving the way for what you do best.

Increase in sales

Refurbishment and modern design is statically proven to increase business sales growth by 10 to 40%. People expectations are higher, in the competitive businesses of today. You no longer rely just on your service, the food, and your skills, It must be a complete package. It’s constantly changing just like technology of today, In order to be competitive you must keep up with the trends and changes. Like they say “If you've waited until it looks like it’s time to remodel, you’ve waited to long”!


Our Process - Branding

When is comes to Branding we have you sorted. We cover design from print to digital and help build your brand across all media fronts. We can assist you creating a strong brand that is current, catchy and visually appealing. 


Brochures/ Business cards/ Signage/ Logo Branding

Our human mind is wired for visual stimulation, we take in about 90% of information visually. Hence the importance of creating a eye catching print that make you want to hold onto the content even if for later purpose. 


Websites/ Landing page

Our websites are designed contemporary relevancy, our aim it to create a great interaction with the user and visually move them through the website with ease and simplicity. In a media saturated world, less can be more. Our back end manipulation is geared with tools for easily found web through Search Engine Optimisation.

 We can also assist you with your paid adwords and other similar integrated digital advertising and even organise your hosting, domain name, emails and other IT needs.


Facebook / Instagram

Times have certainty changed, these days social media is one of the most sought after forms of advertising, the digital world is moving rapidly fast and continuous. Our eye for detail, colour scheme and content, is current and stimulating, a great way to express your company, image and create a sold following that will continue to grow.

We can further assist you with ongoing maintenance and updating of content of your media platforms.


We got you covered



Art direction

Complete council package

Custom designed items/products



Interior refurbishments

Inspirational layout

Project management

Research and development (business vision, materials, competitors etc)

Scope / Schedule of works

Supplier network

3d illustrations / concept design


Art direction

Bespoke website design strategy

Complete custom html package


Graphic design

Image, photo and video Sourcing

Portable device webpage (iphone, ipad etc)

Research and development (colour, tone, product, competitors etc)


Art direction

Branding / logo design

Company uniform design

External/Exterior business signage

Graphic design

Image and photo sourcing


Portfolio design

Presentation company package 

Print design (brochure, business cards etc)



Custom / Bespoke Furniture

Sculptures (fibreglass & metal)

Contemporary hand painted art


Arm chairs

Coffee & meeting tables

Office Chairs

Pendant lighting