New South Lawyers


This space was designed for duo partners Toufic and George Bazouni. These two talented lawyers from Western Sydney wanted an up market law firm that represented who they were and where they were going. 

Fast passed, contemporary, on the edge law firm that was youthful, stylish, and had a classy ambiance to it, (not your typical conservative law firm).

Custom made furniture, artwork and hand made sculptures that would revival any art gallery.

  • 3d illustrations / concept design
  • Art direction
  • Complete council / architectural plan package
  • Custom made furniture via Bespoke
  • Custom made art via Bespoke
  • Custom made sculptures via Bespoke
  • Custom designed and made signage
  • Decorating
  • Estimating
  • Image and photo sourcing
  • Inspirational layout
  • Project management
  • Research and development (business vision, competitors etc)
  • Scope / schedule of works
  • Supplier network
  • Updates of works every 3 working days
  • Weekly onsite visits through out the progress of project